5 Key Benefits of Sobriety That No One Talks About

Jan 15, 2022

If you were asked to name some benefits of sobriety, what would you mention as your first answer? For some people, it might be related to what they see as important things to add to their lives. For others, it might be experiences they’re willing to leave behind as part of recovery. Today, we’re going to focus on a handful of advantages of sobriety that you probably haven’t considered yet.

While there are numerous physical and mental health benefits to sustaining sobriety, some other advantages to sober living may get overlooked. People living a life without drug or alcohol use get a chance to discover a new version of themselves and their personalities. Money saved from not buying drugs or alcohol may feel like having a second income. Another benefit of sobriety is having the time to devote to repairing current relationships and making new connections with like-minded people.

Sobriety Benefit #1: You get to discover the sober version of yourself.

The sober version of yourself is brand new. It’s not the person you were while using drugs or alcohol. It’s not the person you were before you began using.

You can spend time discovering new interests or reconnecting with interests of the past. The sober version of yourself will have new goals in mind, some short-term and some long-term. Putting your attention on what you want to accomplish and taking steps towards those goals can be part of a daily and weekly schedule.

Sobriety Benefit #2: You can use the money saved to help build the life you desire most.

Some people in recovery have described the financial change of not buying drugs or alcohol as being like “having a second income.” It’s likely you will never know the amount of money spent on substances over the years. Now, there’s an opportunity to invest the money in yourself in numerous ways.

Moving forward in sobriety, you can set clear goals to use your money wisely and effectively to get what you need to sustain a happy and healthy life. It may be saving for a new home or new car. You may want to travel. However you choose to use your money, prioritize it based on what you want out of life.

Sobriety Benefit #3: You can devote more time to repairing relationships with friends and family members.

Staying sober won’t automatically fix damaged relationships, but it can help you take the first step to making amends with people you’ve hurt. These encounters with people don’t need to be spontaneous either. You can plan to connect, call, or visit. Scheduling time to do the work to help a relationship heal can keep you focused on the most important people in your life.

Repairing relationships can take a lot of time. It will come from consistent, reliable encounters with each person. Each interaction can build on the last one. Finding ways to authentically discuss what’s happened in the past and share what you want for the future can be a valuable step.

Sobriety Benefit #4: You can focus on building new friendships with shared sobriety goals.

As you’re repairing current relationships, you can also look for new connections to help you sustain your sobriety and enjoy your life. This kind of connection is someone who understands the challenges you face in recovery. There’s common ground to be shared in what you’ve both experienced and what choices you’re making to rebuild your life with sobriety.

Sharing time with peers who are working to stay sober can be a weekly event. It could be an activity you do consistently, such as meditation, walking, or yoga. The conversation doesn’t have to always focus on sober goals. The connection can grow from just sharing time in the same physical space on a regular basis.

Sobriety Benefit #5: You will be able to remember the special experiences you create with friends and family.

One of the most valuable parts of being human is being able to look back at special times in our lives. We can recall people and places that made us feel good and revisit those experiences to comfort ourselves. Sustaining your sobriety makes that possible as you create new memories on which to look back fondly.

It’s not necessary to reflect on what memories may have been lost over time. Recognize that your achievement to get sober is a new starting point. You could even retain more of each special experience by journaling about it or taking photos. Capturing these positive experiences and reflecting on what’s been gained by your sobriety can be a helpful way to sustain it long-term.


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