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Treating Mental Health Disorders at Origins Recovery & Counseling

Mental health disorders often occur alongside substance use disorders (but not always). This pairing is typical, and the term “co-occurring disorder” is often used. However, if your primary mental health issue is a disorder not associated with substance use, we are here to help. Unlike many other treatment facilities, our therapists are ready to work with you to establish a plan to treat your mental health disorder, whether or not you have an alcohol or substance use disorder.

Understand that whatever your mental health needs, we will work with you to discover the best way to heal. Comprehensive treatment delivered with an integrated approach is critical.

Origins Recovery & Counseling’s Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a valuable program where individuals with mental health disorders have access to outpatient services that are desperately needed.

If you are searching for a safe and supportive environment for yourself or a loved one, Origins Recovery & Counseling can help. Here are some of the many mental health disorders we treat:

Mood Disorders

Depression can cause debilitating pain and inhibit your ability to function normally each day. Bipolar disorder, dysthymia, and substance-induced mood disorders are other examples.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety touches many emotions, from everyday reactions to common stressors to severe anxiety. Anxiety, with or without a substance use disorder, requires specialized care.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects men and women, and traumatic life events trigger it. Symptoms of PTSD can include disassociation from yourself and events, anger, and insomnia.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) are chronic conditions where you experience uncontrollable thoughts or behaviors you feel the urge to repeat again and again.

Personality Disorders

We treat borderline personality disorder (BPD), narcissistic personality disorder, and histrionic personality disorder. Paranoid personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, and dependent personality disorder are other diagnoses we treat.


Integrated Treatment Is the Answer

With the right help, you can and will recover. Our comprehensive approach offers the therapeutic resources necessary to aid physical, mental, emotional, and psychological healing. Everyone is unique. Your mental health disorder may exist on its own, or perhaps your mental health symptoms appeared because of substance use.

As Origins Recovery & Counseling, comprehensive treatment includes:

  • Evidence-based therapy
  • Psychiatric services and ongoing care
  • Medical care (including medication, when appropriate)
  • Case management
  • Family education and programming
  • Life skills training
  • Recovery support
  • Continuing care planning
  • Group therapy session at Origins Recovery & Counseling

    Mental Health Disorder Treatment Begins with a Thorough Assessment

    You deserve a treatment plan customized to your specific needs. We will conduct a comprehensive behavioral health assessment and psychological testing. Effective treatment of mental health disorders requires multidisciplinary programming through the expertise of our highly trained professionals. Our treatment teams address your physical and mental needs and your psychological and spiritual needs. Our medical professionals, licensed therapists, and psychiatrists will discuss your case and work towards solutions. Our specialized, integrated treatment model improves outcomes and quality of life.  

    Family in a therapy session

    We Have Continuing Care for Your Whole Family

    Mental health disorders require lifelong support. Our team works with you and your family to develop a discharge plan for long-term success. These recommendations may include:

  • Ongoing therapy
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Scheduled appointments with psychiatrists and medical doctors
  • Medication management
  • Wellness recommendations
  • Transitional living
  • 12-Step programming and fellowship
  • Alumni Services
  • Our licensed family and marriage therapists also collaborate with your family to build a continuing care plan that supports family healing. Learn more about our Family Programming.

    Recovery is Possible

    Many patients like you go on to lead extraordinary lives filled with hope and courage. You can recover from your mental health disorder with long-term support and therapeutic interventions. Treatment interventions based on research have proven effective in treating mental health disorders. The key is a personalized treatment that is intensive and integrated.

    A return to a healthy mind, body, and spirit is achievable. At Origins Recovery & Counseling, we know mental health impacts every aspect of your life. If your mental health disorder is co-occurring with a substance use disorder, we will work closely with you to discover how these disorders impact one another.

    While recovery from drugs and alcohol can seem impossible, we know that there is a solution. Our team provides renowned clinical care for addiction—and our Admissions Specialists are standing by to help. Call us today.

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