Origins Recovery & Counseling Center in Dallas Launches Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program

Mar 3, 2023

DALLAS – Origins Recovery & Counseling Center in Dallas, Texas, will open its new Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) on March 6, 2023. This valuable new program will meet the critical need for outpatient services for individuals with mental health disorders. Clinical Director Shea Barakatt, MA, LCSW, LCDC, understands mental health’s impact on adults and their family systems.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health. If one of these elements is ignored, it can affect the whole person. Beyond that, untreated mental health symptoms can dramatically impact a person’s social relationships, job or academic performance, and family system,” says Barakatt. “By acknowledging and addressing mental health concerns, people from all walks of life can learn valuable tools to help them find improved self-esteem and reach their highest potential.”

The new Mental Health IOP framework at Origins Recovery & Counseling Center in Dallas offers a sophisticated in-network treatment option for individuals with mental health concerns who want to amplify their healing process. While individual therapy can be a powerful resource, coupling this with intensive group therapies can help people with mental health disorders develop a network of lasting, peer-driven support. Mental Health IOP is a good option for those who are psychiatrically stable or recently discharged from a residential psychiatric treatment program and want the continued support and motivation provided by group therapy sessions.

Origins’ compassionate therapists and counselors help identify and treat a wide range of mental health disorders, including depression, borderline personality disorder (BPD), anxiety, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), adjustment disorders, grief and loss, obsessive-compulsive disorders, process addictions, and more. These masters-level clinicians leverage evidence-based modalities such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), psychoeducation, biofeedback, Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and expressive arts therapy.

Patients are surrounded three days a week by an empathetic group of clinical professionals. Therapists help patients learn coping mechanisms and practical strategies to use when they feel overwhelmed to help improve their quality of life. Origins’ Mental Health IOP offers a chance to gain emotional stability in a safe, supportive environment while carefully monitoring patients’ progress. The program accepts insurance and is in-network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

“Stigma around mental health concerns prevents many individuals from seeking the help they need. Like any health concern, mental health can improve with treatment,” says Barakatt. “We want our patients to know that there is hope and that healing is possible for them. We are honored to be able to expand our services to this realm and, in the process, help to lessen the stigma surrounding mental health.”

Patients in the Mental Health IOP will learn vital coping skills to help navigate work-related stress and burnout, the challenges of parental, family, and social relationships, financial pressures, grief and loss, and other medical diagnoses and health concerns. The goal is for individuals to gain a newfound sense of self-worth, direction, and control that they can bring into every aspect of their lives.

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