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Recovery Coaching In Texas

Making positive, lasting life changes can be difficult

Making positive, lasting life changes can be difficult, no matter who you are. When substance use is present, this challenge can be even more difficult. Incorporating a Recovery Coach in the healing process can motivate, inspire and support your journey to wellness.

Recovery means different things to different people and having objective support during the process can provide the lift you need to meet your goals. One of our trained Recovery Coaches can help you identify and set realistic goals to uncover a design for living that really works.


Virtual and In-person Recovery Coaching

Similar to life coaching, Recovery Coaching is a partnership where the person seeking recovery works alongside their Coach to successfully implement change. Meetings with Origins’ Recovery Coaches occur online and in-person, and each Recovery Coach can help you build on your strengths to achieve your recovery goals. Origins’ Recovery Coaches serve as guides who encourage you to use your recovery tools along every step of the journey. Whether you pursue intensive outpatient services, family therapy, 12-Step recovery or a blend of all three, our Recovery Coaches can be your partner in the entire healing process.

Benefits of Using a Recovery Coach

Each person with a substance use disorder is different, but a Recovery Coach can be of great benefit to everyone. Recovery Coaching, whether online or in-person, can help you protect your recovery. Most importantly, our Recovery Coaches are in recovery themselves—they’ve been where you’ve been and can provide the mentoring support needed to live a happy, joyous, and free life. Our Coaches foster a safe, objective, and judgment-free partnership that encourages honesty and hope.

Some of the benefits of Recovery Coaching include:

  • Flexible recovery mentoring that fits your schedule
  • Support from a peer who can help you navigate the recovery community
  • Ongoing assistance during critical times (such as holidays) throughout your recovery
  • Guidance to bridge the communication gap between you and your family
  • Help with discovering your life’s purpose beyond sobriety
  • Tools to help reduce or eliminate relapse
  • Assistance in building the life skills and confidence needed for meaningful relationships, career building and health

Why Choose Recovery Coaching Through Origins Recovery & Counseling?

The days following detox are critical to long-term care, and we provide the specific support and reliable guidance needed to help you thrive. Together, we will create a plan of accountability that includes all facets of your total wellness: body, mind and spirit.

The Recovery Coaches at Origins Recovery & Counseling can:

  • Coordinate your safe return home from in-patient treatment
  • Provide support during outpatient services
  • Offer accountability to stay on track
  • Assist in locating ancillary services in the area, such as housing or legal assistance
  • Implement a daily recovery regimen including recovery-related readings, journaling, meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Provide 12-Step mentoring
  • Accompany you to 12-Step meetings
  • Introduce your family and friends to applicable support groups

Learn More

Call us today to learn more about how Recovery Coaching through Origins Recovery & Counseling can support your journey. Our Admissions Specialists are standing by at 866-671-4124.

While recovery from drugs and alcohol can seem impossible, we know that there is a solution. Our team provides renowned clinical care for addiction—and our Admissions Specialists are standing by to help. Call us today.

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