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Family Intensives

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Families are complex systems that can quickly become entangled, confused, or need support.

While your loved one is receiving therapy or in residential treatment, you and other family members can receive emotional support through our family-intensive process. These sessions, known as “family intensives,” help individuals and families gain valuable coping tools and educational information quickly.

The goal of family intensives is to gain insight into both the individual’s and the family’s dynamics while providing recommendations for each family member present. Tools for increased connection, communication, problem-solving, and tips for self-reflection regarding things that may or may not be working are discussed. These intensives will give your family action ideas on practicing the tools learned in intensive sessions in day-to-day life.


What We Do

Family intensive programming at Origins Counseling is designed to help people who have mental health issues and the entire family—from spouses to parents or caregivers to siblings and children—because everyone affected by a family crisis needs support, care, and healing. Our goal is to help you address current family dynamics and learn about healthy strategies.

Family intensives can help you identify and address problems such as:

  • Substance use disorders
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Co-parenting challenges
  • Parenting challenges
  • Failure-to-launch conflicts
  • Co-dependency

How Sessions Work

The length of time and frequency of family intensives can vary according to the family’s specific needs. Topics available help family members deal with issues such as substance use disorders, mental health disorders, trauma, loss, and grief.

We also offer a 3-hour or a 6-hour family clinical intensive, depending on each family’s unique situation. Our family intensive sessions also provide helpful recommendations for each family member present. Even if your loved one is not currently in treatment, family intensive sessions are available so that you can get well, too.

Specific Workshops We Offer

Communication, Connection, and Boundaries

Many family conflicts often stem from a lack of communication, connection, and boundaries. Our facilitator will focus on identifying primary feelings identification and avoiding the pitfalls of assumptions. Conflicts are sparked when we think we know how someone else feels. Knowing how to communicate helps family members better identify where their responsibilities lie. It is possible to love fully while still setting boundaries. Each family will receive one follow-up session that will be scheduled during the workshop. This can be done in person or via a telehealth session. This session is free and meets for one hour each week.

Modalities utilized:

  • Behavioral family therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral family therapy
  • Systems family therapy
  • Self-Identification of defense mechanisms
  • “Work and Tools” by Dr. John M. Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman
  • “Components of Trust” by Dr. Brené Brown
  • Psychoeducation 

Families and Substance Use Disorders

Families feel lost and lonely when substances have taken over the family system. Learn about substance use disorders, how they affect individual family members, and how to understand yourself while navigating through complicated feelings. Participants will learn about co-dependency, family dynamics, and the components of healthy communication. Each family will receive one follow-up session scheduled during the workshop and completed in person or via a telehealth session. This session is free and meets for one hour each week.

Modalities utilized:

  • Behavioral family therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral family therapy
  • Self-Identification of defense mechanisms
  • Psychodynamic processes
  • Psychoeducation

Outcomes are Unique to Each Family

Every family will have different continuing care suggestions that may include individual, systems, or couple work. Positive outcomes are increased when all family members are enrolled in their self-care work. However, some families may find that a family intensive sets the tone for new understanding, and they choose to travel their path after an intensive.

We employ a range of modalities to help your family find balance. For your one- or two-day family intensive, our therapists will work to identify issues within your system, then tailor modalities to your unique needs. No family system is the same, and our approach is always reflective of your unique experiences and needs. 

Modalities utilized include interventions such as:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Through guided communication, our therapists help your family open a conversation about the troubles you are facing and identify possible solutions. We gain increased awareness of how you and your loved ones tend to approach conflict with each discussion. We work alongside you to increase your knowledge about the interpersonal dynamics at play between your family members.

Our therapists help you and your family explore:

  • Healthy boundaries
  • Communication styles
  • Identifying feelings
  • Family roles
  • Conflict identification
  • Generational behaviors
  • Defensive actions
  • Emotional regulation
  • Active listening skills
  • Self-care

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