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Motivational Interviewing In Texas

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At Origins Recovery & Counseling, we use a counseling approach known as motivational interviewing (MI) to help you find the motivation to make a positive behavior change, even if you have mixed feelings about the change. For example, maybe you want to stop using marijuana or binging on alcohol but aren’t ready to stop. We can help you examine your feelings and empower you to make the desired changes. Likewise, MI can help you make dietary changes to prevent obesity and reduce complications associated with diabetes. Our Origins Recovery & Counseling therapists also use MI to help you identify behaviors you wish to change regarding sexual behavior, physical activity, or smoking.

Motivational interviewing and other therapy services are valuable for the treatment of several anxiety disorders as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Our MI-trained therapists at Origins Recovery & Counseling succeed by forming a collaborative partnership with you. We’ll talk about your personal experiences and examine your goals from your point of view rather than our own. This way, a trusting environment is enhanced where your healing can begin.

If you want to make a healthy change in your life, we can help empower you to do so by helping you examine your true motivations. Motivation starts from inside, rather than externally, through the ideas or experiences of your therapist. By talking together about your feelings and goals, we will help you discover the self-empowerment you already possess as you take responsibility for your actions and decisions.

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Motivational Interviewing is rooted in empathy rather than judgment. We understand the extraordinary courage it has taken to seek help for your mental health or substance use disorder. You and your counselor will create the safe space you need to be yourself and talk openly about your concerns. As MI helps you begin to recognize discrepancies between your core values and actions, you’ll be able to clarify your personal goals for recovery.

Along the way, you may notice that your mind may change several times as you begin to assess and realign your values. Our goal at Origins Recovery & Counseling is to help minimize the pressures you may feel so you can openly examine what a lifestyle free of substance use looks like for you.

Our MI-trained therapists are skilled at encouraging your progress and offering alternate interpretations and viewpoints by helping you reframe your current situation. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to make positive changes in your behavior.

Motivational Interviewing Techniques

The motivational interviewing techniques used at Origins Recovery & Counseling include asking open-ended questions beyond a simple “no” or “yes.”

We help build your confidence and self-respect with affirmations that highlight your strengths. We listen in a thoughtful, reflective way that lets you clarify your thoughts while allowing space to expand on issues that might need a deeper dive.

And then, our MI therapists summarize what you’ve shared by reinforcing what you’ve said, making associations between statements, and helping you transition to other topics. In short, motivational interviewing is like a guided road map that accompanies you throughout your conversation, helping you recognize signposts along the way.

At Origins Recovery & Counseling, our MI-trained therapists are ready to help you build the self-confidence you need to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Doing so will enhance your recovery journey from substance use disorders and reduce your risk of relapse. With help, you’ll recognize the untapped power that lies within you and can change your life to meet your expectations.

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While recovery from drugs and alcohol can seem impossible, we know that there is a solution. Our team provides renowned clinical care for addiction—and our Admissions Specialists are standing by to help. Call us today.

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