May 4, 2020

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Shea Barakatt


DALLAS, Texas – Origins Behavioral HealthCare, which has been headquartered in Dallas since 2017, will begin to offer virtual clinical services through its new location Origins Recovery & Counseling Dallas, located at 12870 Hillcrest Rd.

Originally scheduled to open with a full suite of traditional one-on-one and group counseling appointments, leadership at Origins Behavioral Healthcare has adjusted opening plans to include virtual care in light of recent social distancing precautions around COVID-19.

“With the increased demand for services focused on helping those in need cope through this crisis, we plan to open virtual outpatient services,” said Jim Caldwell, CEO of Origins Behavioral Healthcare. “While we do plan to continue these virtual services even after COVID restrictions have resolved, the real focus of this program for now will be on much needed help during this pandemic. In addition, this program will allow us to offer counseling to people throughout the state of Texas. In these unprecedented times, we need to support one another more than ever. We have incredible expertise and resources, and we hope to use them to serve our neighbors here in Dallas and beyond.”

Dallas-based, Origins Behavioral HealthCare is a licensed provider of gender-specific substance use disorder treatment and continuing care services for men, women, and older adults. Their mission is to provide a clear path to a life of healing and restoration. The company’s innovative programs comprise a comprehensive continuum of care for the treatment of alcoholism, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. Origins’ premier campuses are located in carefully selected residential treatment locations around the US, including South Padre Island, Texas; and Hanley Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Last fall, Origins Behavioral HealthCare acquired Windhaven Counseling Center and Windhaven House, a transitional living program offering individual and group therapies aimed at guiding women to lifelong recovery. Windhaven House will continue operations under its Windhaven brand and with the leadership of its founder, Alison Watros. The former Windhaven Counseling space will rebrand as Origins Recovery & Counseling Dallas and expand its offerings in an effort to address the needs of substance use disorder patients across the continuum of care.

According to Caldwell, challenges with the demands of work, family or other financial considerations mean that for some, the traditional model of residential treatment may not be accessible. Instead, an outpatient treatment program, along with a safe, supportive living environment may be an effective alternative for many.

“The establishment of Origins Recovery & Counseling Dallas represents the company’s expansion of services in the Dallas market where our corporate headquarters are located,” said Caldwell. “It underscores our focus on continuing care for patients of our facilities in Florida and Texas, as well as support for families seeking a less-intensive level of care for their loved one. For now, we know Origins Recovery & Counseling can be a much-needed resource for anyone needing assistance during these uncertain times, and we look forward to great things under Shea’s leadership.”

According to Caldwell, Origins has named Shea Hetherington-Barakatt, LCSW, LCDC, as Clinical Director of the new facility. She was previously the Clinical Director and Director of Quality Assurance for Burning Tree Recovery Ranch and Long-term Treatment Programs in Kaufman, Texas.

Hetherington-Barakat says she is eager to begin her tenure with Origins Recovery & Counseling. “I hope to create and implement the highest quality of services that Origins will have to offer to our patients and their families,” she notes. “These are incredibly anxious and unsettling times. People who may have never sought help before are looking for answers now. We want to be their local, go-to resource. In the end, it is about helping individuals create a new life of overall health, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is so rewarding to watch their lives improve and flourish as they learn tools and create a life of balance and health.”

Since 2006, Hetherington-Barakat has spent most of her time as a Clinical Director in co-occurring disorder residential treatment.  “I have also counseled hundreds of patients and their families,” she said.  “Working with families to educate them about mental health and substance use disorders is my passion, and I am excited to continue that work on behalf of Origins.”

Hetherington-Barakat noted that she is committed to helping individuals and families to grow and live a life of physical, mental, and spiritual health. To meet these goals, Origins Recovery & Counseling Dallas will offer a wide range of outpatient counseling services for patients who are appropriate candidates for a lower level of care. During their time with Origins Recovery & Counseling, each patient will be assigned a primary therapist who will facilitate the entire psychological, psychiatric, social, family, and spiritual assessment process. These compassionate counselors will work directly with patients through various group and individual sessions.

To learn more about Origins Recovery & Counseling Dallas and its new virtual programs, call 866-671-4124 or visit its website at

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